Parent Involvement

It is critical.  Parent's involvement and follow through of their child's recommendations by the therapist is essential in the progress of their child.  I can't stress it enough.  I know that life gets busy.  I know that parents juggle so many duties and have so many responsibilities; however,  the child suffers if suggestions are not followed or worked on at home.

We cannot "fix" the child in an hour a week.  Progress will be slower if "homework" is not completed.  To the surprise of the parents, opportunities to work on "therapy" can be done in the normal daily activities of the child.  Language can be expanded during mealtime, bath time and bed time.  Many times when I bring this to the attention of parents, they realize how important just their daily interaction with the child can be.  There are so many opportunities to complete tasks, expand on a word, follow directions, and comprehend basic concepts in the home environment.

With the help of parents, and the determination and dedication of fantastic therapists, our children will flourish and grow.  There will always be bumps in the road to meet specific goals such as illness, life emergencies, etc... However, with a team approach, the child will be on a continuous road to improvement.


Lisa Marshall, MS, CCC-SLP